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Laddomat is a trade name for a specific product that is often used in connection with water heating and heating, especially in the field of solid fuel boilers or biomass boilers. Laddomat is a protective and regulatory component that helps improve the efficiency and safety of these systems.

The main features of Laddomat include:

Flow assurance: Laddomat is used to maintain a constant flow of hot water from the solid fuel boiler to the hot water tank. This is important for efficient water heating and minimizing heat loss.

Back flow prevention: The Laddomat has valves and control mechanisms that prevent the back flow of cold water back into the boiler. This ensures that the hot water is kept separate from the cold water, preventing the boiler from cooling down.

Safety improvements: Laddomat can include safety features that protect the boiler from overheating or overpressurization.

Laddomat is often used in homes and industrial applications where wood, coal, pellet or other solid fuel boilers are installed. This component helps optimize the operation of these boilers and improve the efficiency of the entire water heating and heating system.

However, it is important to note that Laddomat is a trade name and specific design and features may vary by manufacturer and model. For specific information about specific Laddomat products, you should consult with the manufacturer or supplier.

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