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The Siemens brand portfolio in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning offers a comprehensive range of systems and products for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Product components require minimal installation and operating costs, but also a high level of security and fault tolerance. The extensive product range offers valves with a long service life that meet all control and hydraulic requirements.


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Screenshot 59 SVI46.15/SFA21
Screenshot 59 SVI46.20/SFA21
Screenshot 59 SVI46.25/SFA21
Screenshot 55 WFM501-E000H0
Screenshot 55 WFM502-E000H0
Screenshot 55 WFM503-J000H0
72695 siemens programovatelny priestorovy termostat RDE100.1
74519 siemens servopohony ssb619 SSB619
74522 siemens servopohony ssb819 SSB819
74525 siemens servopohony ssc319 SSC319
74735 siemens ultrazvukovy merac tepla 0 6m3 h T230-C05C-SK00-P 0H-E0-M3A
74738 siemens ultrazvukovy merac tepla 1 5m3 h T230-C21C-SK00-P 0H-E0-M3A
74741 siemens ultrazvukovy merac tepla 2 5m3 h T230-C36C-SK00-P 0H-E0-M3A
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